Skyline Exhibits

Skyline, the global leader in trade show exhibits, serves 70% of the Fortune 100 yet had an online presence which was suffering from outdated content and a confusing and disconnected user experience. In order to better meet the needs of their target customers, they realized they needed to reposition and reengineer their digital brand. I was the strategic lead on this initiative which was executed with the support of my previous agency Union Park.


We evaluated Skyline’s separate web properties to determine what was working and what wasn’t.

  1. – traffic was coming from branded terms and products, outdated design, confusing navigation and not optimized for mobile
  2. Product Microsites – low traffic and high bounce rate
  3. Blog – good organic search performance however high bounce rate
  4. Dealer Sites – separate sites with duplicate content appeared to be suffering in search rankings

We decided to integrate the separate properties to seamlessly nurture prospects along the path to purchase while better optimizing the brand for discovery


We employed large imagery to showcase Skyline’s award winning exhibits. A large “super navigation” was chosen to help users quickly find what they were looking for. A modular responsive format was developed to scale and adapt easily for tablets and smart phones.


We pulled content from the blog into an educational hub. Modules were created based on key audience segments to capture prospects higher up in the decision making process.


A robust gallery was designed to showcase Skyline’s portfolio along with case studies and testimonials by product type. Filters allow the user to drill deeper by other attributes such as industry and business goal.


We did away with the duplicate dealer sites and embedded storefronts within optimized for local search.


We developed a Pinterest-like “Idea Board” feature to assist customers in their planning process and increase collaboration with sales. Users can filter through galleries, post exhibit ideas to their boards and share them with their colleagues and Skyline dealer.


We added content offers and short lead capture forms on all product pages to enhance conversion.


Five months after the launch of the new website, the CMO of Skyline reported a 40% increase in lead generation along with

  • 34% increase in organic search visits
  • 29% increase in conversion rate

and a steady stream of positive feedback on the improved user experience and overall positioning of the Skyline brand

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