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Marketing Consulting Services

I work with companies big and small on either a project basis or ongoing consultative retainer. At the heart of what I do lies content strategy supported by the data-driven, holistic approach outlined below. It all starts with a conversation to understand your unique needs and marketing objectives, then I craft a custom path to getting there.


Identification of the brand’s differentiating strengths and topics of authority as well as optimization opportunities within the current marketing ecosystem. Clarification of core target audience segments. Search and social data analysis to identify content needs, high value topics, relevant channels, engagement drivers, seasonal influences and business opportunities.


Creation of Customer Personas profiling key segments of the brand’s target audience along with their relevant needs, desires, influences and media habits. Creation of a Journey Map for each Persona detailing their mindset, intent, content priorities and influences at each phase of their decision making process.


Development of a Unique Value Proposition that pinpoints where the brand’s differentiating strengths intersect with the target audience’s needs, wants, and desires. Determination of the brand’s unique features, functional benefits, and emotional benefits.


Development of a strategic and differentiated approach to content marketing that boosts brand awareness, solidifies positioning, and drives growth.  Formulation of key editorial, product and promotional content initiatives for reaching and engaging the target audience and guiding them through their journey to conversion and brand advocacy.


Development of an omni-channel approach to a holistic, differentiated and compelling customer experience. Creation of tactical plans and priorities for the brand’s website, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and PR efforts. 


Creation of a scalable monthly content program. Development of an annual plan with monthly themes supporting the brand’s key initiatives and based on seasonal influences, topic demand and customer cues.

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