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Content Strategy 101 Workshop

Content is the heartbeat of a brand’s marketing efforts and has the power to both differentiate and amplify a brand’s value in the customer’s eyes. When everything is aligned, content marketing can boost awareness, solidify positioning, drive consideration and conversion and ultimately foster loyalty and brand advocacy. The first step in achieving success is articulating your strategy and the topical categories to focus on, so that you can align the team and test it out.

During this 3-hour “how to” workshop, I will share my data-driven approach to creating a customer centric content strategy. I will cover the foundational marketing planning components needed to ensure your strategy is on brand, will differentiate you from the competition and will resonate with your target audience.

This workshop will include an overview of my proven methodology along with examples, templates and recommended tools.

What you’ll learn:

  • Foundational insights that serve as the basis of content marketing
  • How to tap into search and social data to decode your customer’s content needs
  • Ways to guide a customer through their journey with content and tactics
  • How to extend your reach and budget through content programming

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Customer content need model
  • Methodology for conducting topic research
  • Customer persona and journey map templates
  • Framework for articulating content strategy
  • Guide for prioritizing content initiatives
  • Collaborative calendar template for editorial planning

Who is this event ideal for?

  • Beginning content marketers
  • Anyone charged with developing brand content who is working without a documented content strategy

MIMA Content Strategy Workshop

From a workshop hosted by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA):

“Patty delivered as promised and more. With her easy style and confident approach, she taught the attendees how to take a strategic approach to developing their content strategy while ensuring that their brand is well-represented. During the hands on portion she walked us through her process enabling each of us to learn how to apply her approach in a practical manner. Truly an energizing learning experience from a true expert in brand and content strategy. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who would like to further their knowledge on brand and content strategy.”

– Julie Heck, Marketing Strategy Manager CPC

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