making an emotional connection

B2C Content Marketing Workshop

Managing  a successful content marketing program for your brand can feel near impossible when you consider how consumers are bombarded with a glut of content on a daily basis. How do you cut through the clutter in a meaningful way?

Endorsement, emotional connection, and seasonality are all strong consumer purchase drivers. Once you have a keen understanding of your customer’s content needs and cognitive biases, you’ll be well on your way to making meaningful connections that drive action.

During this 3-hour “how to” workshop, Patty Radford Henderson shares her customer centric approach to creating a holistic and persuasive B2C content marketing program. She will cover core B2C target audience segments and how their content needs change throughout their decision-making journey. She’ll walk through the sources that are most trusted and the types of content that are most persuasive  while she breaks down the top 12 annual consumer spending events.

This workshop will provide an overview of her methodology for B2C content planning and include examples, templates, recommended tools and hands-on exercises.

To be covered:

  • target audience segmentation
  • customer content need modeling
  • product information
  • editorial and educational content
  • endorsement strategies
  • top annual consumer spending events
  • editorial planning
  • content programming
  • measurement and optimization

Who is this event ideal for?

  • Beginning B2C content marketers
  • Mid-level B2C marketers wanting to identify gaps in their current content program

At the end of this workshop you will have the know-how and the tools needed to develop a strategic content plan for your B2C brand.

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